Is the furniture really made by the Amish?

Yes! All of our furniture craftsmen are from Amish descent.

Where is the furniture built?

Most of our furniture is handcrafted in Holmes County, Ohio.

 Do you do custom work?

Absolutely!  We can help you to design and build custom handcrafted furniture products. Custom design & building is our specialty! Bring us your pictures, drawings and ideas, and we will work with you to create your own unique piece. Any piece you see at our store can easily be changed to accommodate your needs as well.

What is the best way to care for the furniture?

Caring for your solid wood furniture is easier than you think. Click here to view our Care page.

How are the drawers constructed?

Every drawer box is handcrafted with English Dovetails in the front and in the back to ensure that the box will retain its integrity for years to come. We finish our drawer boxes both inside and out with a nice, smooth finish.

What type of table slides are available?

Pedestal/trestle tables come standard with an equalizing geared slide that keeps the base in the center of the table and these are designed with a slight reversed bow to keep the ends of the table from sagging. Some play is normal at the end of the tables when extended.

Leg tables come standard with heavy duty wood slides (not geared). These are designed with a slight bow to keep the table straight in the center when leaves are added.

What is the difference between woods?

Each wood has their own unique characteristics which can impact the finishes that can be applied, and also impact the cost of the raw materials and manufacturing time.

  • OAK – The oak we used is called red oak; you may notice small knots, burls and color variations and so forth.  These are not considered defects; but rather they add desirable character. Oak is durable, hard and elastic and is the wood of choice for value & durability.
  • QUARTERSAWN OAK – These logs are cut into quarters, instead of evenly, to expose a different side of the grain, which creates a beautiful pattern of flecks in the wood. It looks best with a cherry stain.
  • CHERRY – A very elegant wood, its handsome pink heartwood has a smooth grain, and is enjoyed in light to dark stains. You may notice several small “cherry pits” on lighter stains, which is normal. This is the select grade of the cherry.
  • SAP CHERRY – Cut from the same tree, however when grading this lumber at the mill, we allow the lighter “sap streaks” to be used, which adds more variation, and keeps cost down, because we can use most all of the tree.
  • RUSTIC CHERRY – Same as Sap Cherry, except we allow heavy knots to be used, thereby creating a more “rustic” look.
  • BROWN MAPLE – Brown Maple is a straight-grained, fine textured wood. Derived from silver or red maple trees, brown maple is not as durable as it’s hard maple cousin, but more capable of accepting stain.  The brown streaks often come from the heart wood of the tree, and will add distinctive variation into the wood. This is also the wood of choice if painting, as the Brown Maple paints smoothly.
  • HICKORY– A hard and durable wood, this is the most characteristic of any of the woods we use. No effort is made to color sort. The finished piece is an awesome piece of natural art. We do not recommend anything but a natural stain.
  • ELM– Elm has an exquisite grain that is very unique from the rest of our hardwoods. It looks best with darker stain, which “pops” the grain.

What does the term Quartersawn mean?

Quartersawn is a technique for processing lumber that dates back hundreds of years, and it was widely used in furniture manufacturing in the 18th and 19th centuries. The reason it was widely used is it was a practical method for handling large trees prior to the advent of machinery.

The process was simple in that the large log was split into quarters using wedges — making it easier to manage. These pieces were then hauled off to the mill for processing. The result of this processing creates a very unique grain pattern.

How long does it take once I place my order?

Our average lead time can vary from 8-12 weeks, depending on the exact piece and the specific manufacturer.

Why don’t you sell products online?

Purchasing furniture over a website is not like buying a book via the internet. It is impossible to know the quality and value of any item by only viewing a picture. What sets us apart is the look, feel, touch and quality of our furniture, something you can’t do over the computer. We also find that a photo does not accurately show the true color & character of wood. We want to insure that our customers make an intelligent and informed decision before they purchase our heirloom quality furniture. So, then why do we maintain a website? It allows for customers, like you, to get a feel for our store and receive in depth information about our products and services before you visit our showroom.

What are your payment options?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover. Cash and personal checks (with valid ID) are also accepted. Gift certificates may be purchased in any amount. Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.

Where do you deliver?

We offer white glove delivery & setup in all of Northeastern PA and the surrounding states.