Learn about the wood and finish of our Amish made furniture. Proper care and maintenance will help your unique piece last a lifetime.


Amish furniture is created by Master Craftsmen. The results are a beautiful blend of hand labor. No two trees are alike – no two pieces of wood look exactly alike in color variations or grain variety. Each piece of solid hardwood furniture is unique. Color and grain are natural expressions of the real thing and this is normal. Wood texture, knots, and grain do affect the finish so it is impossible to guarantee an exact match in finish between two pieces of furniture even though identical finishing processes are applied. These natural characteristics give wood furniture its own unique quality.


Your furniture has been finished with a catalyzed varnish. It has excellent resistance to food, beverages, and common household chemicals. This finish offers you a very hard, mar-resistant surface, but like any finished surface may still be subject to scratches, indentations, or nicks if not called for properly.


To maintain the beauty of your furniture. it should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dust. Dry dusting or wiping can harm the finish by scraping small dirt particles onto the surface. Always use a damp cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain. A more thorough cleaning should be done biannually by washing with a mild soap that is intended for furniture care and by following their directions carefully. If you choose to polish your furniture avoid products with silicone. wax, ammonia, solvents, or abrasives as these can damage the finish.


Avoid placing items with a rough finish on an unprotected surface as it will cause scratches. Exercise care when writing on an unprotected surface as indentations can occur. Never place hot items directly on the surface. Always use protector pads under drinks or hot plates. The liquid in a glass, cup, or centerpiece can sweat, leaving ring marks on wood surfaces. Spilled water, if not cleaned up quickly, can also leave marks. Do not place plastic, rubber, or other objects on wood furniture as this may discolor the finish – always use felt, cork, or leather under any accessories. Nail polish and remover can cause severe damage to the finish and should be avoided unless the surface is covered first.


Since most solid woods are open grained and have knots and all highly textured, solid wood furniture will breathe -expand and contract -with normal temperature and humidity changes. This is normal and will not affect the structural strength or beauty of the furniture. With tables, you may even notice a gap in the center of the table or at the ends where the top halves and filler meet. The extent of the gaping may vary as humidity conditions change. This is a natural characteristic of solid wood. However, if the humidity in your home is too low, it may cause your hardwood furniture to dry out and crack; too high levels of humidity may result in warping. By keeping the relative humidity level in your home at 40-45%, you will minimize these effects.


Do not place your furniture in front of radiators, heating vents, or heating stoves as dry air can cause wood to dry out which can cause warping or cracking. Be sure your new furniture is not in a location where the sun will shine directly on it. Fluorescent light fixtures can also cause changes in the wood or finish. Be sure to place your furniture in an area where there is air circulation.


Each manufacturer of solid wood Amish furniture, purchased at The Factory, warrants to the original purchaser that their construction and workmanship is free of defects. Minor differences or variations that occur in stain, texture and grain are not considered defects and are not covered by any warranties. Evidence of misuse in the care, maintenance, humidity or placement provisions specified herein will void any warranties. Repairs and/or replacement will only be authorized after a determination is made by a representative of The Factory that damage is due to defects and not misuse. This warranty does not cover pick up, inspecting, packing or any freight or other
transportation charges nor does it cover shipping or handling damage, A claim for service must be accompanied by proof of original purchase. Contact The Factory location where you purchased your furniture to request warranty service.


Congratulations on choosing solid wood Amish furniture!
With proper care and maintenance, your new furniture will provide
a Lifetime Of Enjoyment